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The Force in Helium

Pulsar’s flagship Topaz Project in the USA has been drilled and flowed 14.5% helium.

about pulsar

Pulsar is a dedicated explorer and developer of helium, which is critical for the technology of today and in the future

Helium is critical

For the world we live in today. For the manufacturing of semiconductors and fiber-optic cable, for superconducting magnets in MRI scanners, for fuel systems in space rockets, and more.

about pulsar

We are the first mover in two new helium jurisdictions in North America and Europe


To become a leader in the industry and provide a more stable, reliable and greener source of supply for this critical commodity.


A team of helium finders, and oil/gas experts with global experience. Pulsar founders started the world’s first dedicated helium exploration company.


Our newly identified projects are in the USA and Greenland. We are the first mover in each location.


Focus on primary helium projects, where helium is the primary economic driver, not hydrocarbons.


Crucial for the advancement of technology

Welding & Fabrication

The applications of helium are varied, with most applied to the tech sector.

Helium is critical for the manufacturing of semiconductors that are used in mobile telephones, televisions, computers, electric vehicles and more. Click below to discover more industries reliant on helium.

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