The uses of helium are diverse, and each month #pulsarignite puts the spotlight on a different industry. There will be interviews with some of the world’s most exciting companies and opportunities for YOU to participate.

How does #pulsarignite work?

1. Themed opportunities and experiences showcasing real-world helium applications.
2. Follow us on Twitter, search #pulsarignite and complete the Typeform for your chance to win.
3. A different industry every month. A follower will be chosen as our monthly winner!

Helium is critical to our daily lives

To highlight helium’s various applications we're partnering with some of the world’s most exciting companies to deliver themed monthly opportunities. Expect automotive month, aerospace month, medical month, and more. The experience may be a guided tour of a partner’s facility, a chance to see their technology in action, or the opportunity to fly in a hybrid air vehicle!

September 2023 is Renewables month

We've partnered with 'ASEC Group' and 'Envision Energy' to highlight how battery technology is playing an increasingly pivotal role in the 'Green Energy Transition'. Battery storage technologies enable energy from renewables to be stored, then released when the power is needed most, helping maintain balance between supply and demand within the power system. Helium is commonly used in leak detection tests during battery cell, module & pack production processes. This is your opportunity to win an exclusive guided tour around one of the UK's biggest battery production plants. The lucky winners will be announced October 2nd, 2023.


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