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Welcome to the forefront of a new commodity rush —helium exploration and development— an industry emerging from a supply shortage that has spanned a decade. At Pulsar, our accomplished team comprises helium pioneers and seasoned experts in the realm of gas exploration and production. Our vision is to establish Pulsar as the industry leader, bringing stability to the global helium market while focusing on sustainable and reliable sources.
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Helium exploration and development is a nascent industry

It was brought into existence by a sudden and significant supply deficit that has persisted for over a decade and shows no sign of ending.

Helium exploration utilizes conventional drilling methods, there is no ‘fracing’.

The word helium

Originates from the Greek word helios, which means sun.

Helium atoms

Are so light that they are able to escape Earth's gravity.

Helium is

An inert, non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless and colorless gas.

Helium makes up

About 24% of the mass of the universe, but extremely rare on Earth!

Primary helium sources

The successful identification of primary helium sources requires the convergence of four critical components

Source Rock

Ancient rocks rich in uranium and thorium, such as Precambrian granites.


An underground reservoir where migrating helium can accumulate.


Helium migration paths are facilitated by permeable geological features such as faults.


A deep heat source that liberates helium- rich fluids from the source rock, which can accumulate within trapping structures.

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